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Clank_1337's suggestion thread

Post  XxinvisiblexX on Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:07 pm

Welcome to my suggestion thread. This is mostly for the coder and staff if the decision is based on what they agree on.

When I suggest something, I color it red.
When something is added/fixed, I color it green.

Suggestion 1: [Client/server]
Update: GodSword Stance.
Reason: Would be good looking addition to the server.

Suggestion 2: [Server]
Update: Command ::minipure
Reason: Instead of giving 99 stats it could give a starting 40 or 50 stats. *You could also make starting stats these instead of the command*

Suggestion 3: [Server]
Update: Torso at assault
Reason: To get a torso you need to pay 10million coins. Replace that with points.

Suggestion 4: [Forums]
Update: Introduction/Goodbye Section
Reason: Introduce yourself or say your Goodbyes.

Suggestion 5: [Server]
Update: Remove Godsword shop
Reason: After a while, these items will become over populated and worth nothing.

Suggestion 6: [Client]
Update: The new orbs
Reason: Would help for pking and the prayer at the minigames such as barrows, assault and jad.

Suggestion 7: [Server]
Update: Noted Potions
Reason: It's a hassle to buy 1k+ food, just add noted and it would be easier.

Suggestion 8: [Forums]
Update: Guide Section
Reason: Will help the newcomers and even the older players.

Suggestion 9: [Server]
Update: Monster vs Players (PvN)
Reason: Could fix the attacking on monsters. Hitting 15-0 with dagger could be hitting 15-12 or 15-17. Fix the hits on it.

Suggestion 10: [Server]
Update: Private Chat & Clan Chat
Reason: When a player logs off, it says he logs in. Adding a clan chat will help pking clans down the road.

Suggestion 11: [Forums]
Update: Goals & Achievements Section
Reason: People want to post some goals they have for the server along with some achievements.

Suggestion 12: [Forums]
Update: Pking Forums + Subforums
Reason: Could add "clans", "Clan Recruitement", "PKing Video", "Pking Pictures" in the forum.

Here are a few I have at this moment.


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