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Owner gods price guide

Post  The Rev on Sat Nov 07, 2009 10:13 pm

Dfs- 49.7m-53.2m
White partyhat- 210m-237m
bandos chest- 46.5m-49.5m
bandos tassets- 36.1m-39.7m
whip- 12.5m-15.9m
d bow-14m-16.3m
blue partyhat- 355m-370m
yellow partyhat-102m-116m
Dragon chain set- 45m-70m [Chain not plate!] [Med helm not full helm!]
Dragon claws- 256.9m-360m
Red Mask- 148.1m- 151m
Blue mask- 231.9m- 240.5m
Green mask- 90.5m- 103.2m
Santa hat- 401.23m- 432.6m
Amulet of fury- 9.6m - 11.6m
Dragon boots- 4.9m-6.3m
Dragon bones- 145.6k-150k
Glory(4)- 200k - 256k
Dragon full helm- 44.5m- 50m
Dragon platelegs - 11.8m - 13.7m
Christmas cracker - 1.3b - 1.5b
Scythe - 110m-125.6m
Scarf's and hat's - 120m-130.5m ea.
Magic short bow- 1500k-1650k
Black d'hide - 156.9k-160k a set
Rune arrows - 3,500-5,000 gp
Mage's book - 4.5m-5m
Full ahrim's/No staff - 35m-40m
Runes any 500gp-1k ea.
Robin - 4.9m- 5.9m
Ranger boots - 6.9m-7.5m
Full DH. - 34.6m- 40.1m
Full Veracs - 24.6m-30m
Full torags - 20m-22m Torag helm [9.1m]
Rune crossbow - 14.5m-18.3m
Bandos godsword - 34.5m-40.5m
Saradomin godsword - 65.7m-70.8m
Zamorak godsword - 24.5m-30m
Runite bolts - 500 each.
Red Partyhat - 245.9m-260m
Dragonic Visage 23.9m-25.0m
Easter Egg - 45.6m-56m
Pumpkin - 9.89m-10.9m
Caskets - 1m - (No high price available)
Full Void (ANY!) 100.50m-156.90m
Dragon Med Helm- 56k-60k
Dragon Plateskirt- 4.5m-6.7m
Ranger Set- 23.9m-25m

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